Why And How To Choose A Good PR Company?

Public relations are one of the most important aspects for the development of any company these days. There is dire need for businesspersons to understand that PR agents are not simply meant for celebrities and high profile sports persons, but also for firms offering different types of products and services.

The aim of the PR consultant is to build a good image of your company in front of your potential clients. This way you can gain much more business and goodwill in their minds and establish yourself as a good brand.

The PR firm will work towards removing from the minds of people your negative image and putting across a fresh leaf. This way the potential clients shall develop interest and trust in the brand, and it can help you do good business in the time to come. The PR firm is the guardian and shield that protects the client from any sort of negative publicity, and reveals to the media only what is right and comes directly from the internal sources of the client. It has to project, manage, and clean the image of a client to make it more successful in their line of operation.

PR firms usually work for firms like lifestyle brands, home and living, medicines, public affairs, corporate, and so on. The PR firm is the master planners behind every public move of a company. Choosing a good PPR firms for your company is important because they play a vital role in the success or failure of your image in the market. This brand image is something that can take you places in the business world and you need to be careful about it.

While choosing a Public relation agency one needs to be sure about the fact that the company has enough prior experience. This is because you would not want to submit your cares to the hands of a new and untrained PR agent.

One needs to make sure about the certifications of the PR firm, which is approached, for work. This is to make sure that they are genuine and will not run away with vital information about you or your company and make money out of it.

One can consider many options and then finally decide onto the firm that best suits their choices and needs. It is not at all difficult to find good PR companies these days, due to the sort of modern techniques of promotions and reputation management in the industry.

One simply needs to search the Internet, look through local directories, or ask friends and colleagues to find the best-suited PR firm in the vicinity.

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Choose The Right NY PR Agency For Desired Results

In business, the public image is actually what is sold. Whether it is the case of a celebrity or a big clothing or perfume brand, or a politician, or a sportsperson, brand building and management is important for them all. This is because people associate themselves with this entire experience, rather than focusing on the day-to-day activities of that person or organization. For this purpose, one needs to trust on a good PR manager. Be it an individual, or a PR firm, the focus lies upon making the right image of the client in front of the general people, which will ultimately make or break the fate of that star. New York is the city of so many dreams, hopes, and aspirations that can all come true with resourceful PR management

Choosing a good PR firm will affect the productivity of the brand, in the time to come, and determine what image people bear in their minds. This means one has to be careful in making this choice. First, one needs to choose such PR agency in NY that has ample experience in handling high profile clients and cases, so that only the most calculated and genuine information is released by them to the press and the media, which will help in projection of the right image of its client.

The brand building and management is a strategic group of activities, which are done in order to make a clean and shiny image for the client in the public eye. This cuts any sort of speculations or rumors and assumptions regarding the client, making it easier for him/her to have the desired results in their various walks of career.

Another important aspect of choosing an ideal PR firm is to make sure they come in at affordable rates. No matter how big a superstar you are, it is foolish to be wasting money. This is why it is important that you choose such a PR firm for your company or personal brand development, which comes in at handy prices. This would mean value for money and you would not have to spill excess cash for no reason.

There are many PR firms to choose from these days, this makes one spoilt for choice, and people even end up making the wrong decisions at times. This is why, careful consideration and putting your money in the right direction are very important so that people don’t trick you into luring money and then don’t provide the desired results. It would be great to choose such a firm that has the perfect blend of time tested techniques for PR management as well as a mix of novel ways for best results.

For the best results, you need to narrow your NYC PR agency search to find out the best-suited options for your varied needs. This can easily be done by using the internet for finding various options as well as looking up directories or asking friends or colleagues for the best options.

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PR Firm CEO Ronn Torossian Book Excerpt

Ronn Torossian Book Excerpt From: “For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations”

The Rules of Engagement

Working with reporters is not unlike dating: sometimes you have a great date and sometimes you have a disappointing one. There are a few mating rules to keep in mind when dealing with the media, and the first and most important is to be a giver, not a taker. Think about stories in terms of her needs not yours – she wants news. Instead of talking about how great your company or brand is talk about what you and the others in your industry are doing, and trends you are spotting across these brands. That’s news. Plus:

Pitch to the right person. Tailor the pitch to the reporter. Reporters are notoriously thin-skinned and it irritates them to get a pitch that has nothing to do with their beat.

Pitch to the side. Reporters are competitive – they want good stories. Business reporters may be interested in a science story, sports reporters will be interested in an entertainment story, and entertainment reporters could be interested in a tech story, if you angle or position the story properly.

Pitch to underlings. There is value in building relationships with junior-level reporters and producers. They’re also a hell of a lot more accessible than senior people. Give them tips – they’re competing with the old lions in the newsroom so if they can get a great story, they will be more likely to help you out with less exciting ones. Naturally, as they get promoted, they will remember you.

Pitch during holidays and weekends. My PR firm is open the week between Christmas and New Year’s, when nearly every other PR agency is closed. When I get asked about it the answer is always the same: does CNN air that week? Does the Wall Street Journal publish? As long as those answers are yes, we’re open for business and I’m happy my competitors aren’t. On a normal day, we’re competing against every other PR person for time on the phone, on air or in print. Holidays give you a chance to slip through a story that wouldn’t get coverage during “normal business hours.”

The book may be purchased at: http://www.amazon.com/For-Immediate-Release-Game-Changing-Relations/dp/1936661160

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Mike Tyson: Crisis Public Relations Success Story

Watching Mike Tyson on The Today Show this morning was an “interesting” experience. Can anyone believe that Mike Tyson will soon have his one-man show “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth” on Broadway? Yes, you read it right – Mike Tyson will appear on Broadway. What a brand turnaround success story.

Talk about a long strange journey – One of the greatest heavyweight fighters ever, the self-proclaimed “baddest man on the planet”, a former juvenile delinquent, convicted rapist, ear-biter, drug addict who has eight children by multiple women; did I leave out that he has a face tattoo?

Despite it all, and given that he is undoubtedly crazy and controversial, there seems to be something likeable about him. What an image turnaround and great crisis PR success story Mike Tyson is. He’s had hilarious cameos in the blockbuster movie The Hangover, and the sequel, he speaks of veganism, being a better parent and often talks of being a “wimp.”

His 2008 Tyson Documentary starts to tell the story, and the man really seems to be one that has a life worthy of the big screen. Tyson remains one of the most recognized sports personalities in the world. One wonders can this man actually score some brand endorsements or are there any brands that will associate with him?

Jumping on the bandwagon was a quick announcement today – “THQ announced that former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will be made available on WWE 13 as an exclusive pre-order bonus.”. Let’s see what kind of audience he draws.

Ronn Torossian


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Food For Thought: Always A Public Relations Strategy

Yes there is a Public Relations strategy for high-profile divorces. Media has wisely caught onto seemingly brilliant positioning for actress Katie Holmes. As the NY Times wisely points out, she probably didn’t need to “One minute, she was carrying an ice cream cone for the child. The next, they were feeding animals at the Central Park Zoo.”

In a world where media is always watching and brands are built constantly, a smart celebrity is always worried about their brand. There is no question that Katie Holmes and her PR Agency have done an excellent job in managing this process.

Couldn’t help but feel awful for the owners of Dragon Systems when reading this article. Small business owners and conglomerates think so differently – and I see it every day in my business. Have a friend who hired one of the largest PR holding companies for a $10K a month retainer and was amazed when he couldn’t get a call back.  Of course it’s a lot of money for an independent PR Firm, but for multi-billion dollar companies those figures just aren’t in their lexicon…. No matter what they say when selling.

Food for thought. By Ronn Torossian CEO of 5WPR

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5WPR – A perfect Agency for Comprehensive PR Solutions

Public relations are an inevitable part of any successful organization; an effective PR agency works wonders for any company by helping it to achieve its desired goals and objectives. As an esteemed public relations entity, 5WPR has been associated with providing exceptional services to many companies, including fortune 500.

It has been ranked as one of the top 25 PR agencies in the United States today. Its name was inspired by the top 5 questions asked in the PR business; Who, What, Where, When, and Why. From its humble beginnings in 2003 Ronn Torossian made a mark for itself in the world of Public Relations.

5WPR offers its expertise in consumer products, corporate communications, health, beauty, travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, beverages, and crisis communication, non-profit, event marketing and social media. It helps to reach the consumer base of the companies with events designed to capture their imagination. The comprehensive strategies of  PR firm are based on strategic marketing, good media relations, networking and search engine reputation management.

Search engine reputation management strategies are the most compelling internet tools that are used to tackle the negative publicity of the individual client, as well as their companies. At 5WPR, the focused and smart staff helps by placing tactical stories in diverse markets and sectors under a comprehensive approach to enhance an organization’s public relations and driving web traffic towards their digital presence.

Ronn Torossian helps the biggest as well as the smallest organizations with an effective and customized public relations campaign, along with reputation management which is focused on the return of investment and an effective outreach to the consumer base. In this fast developing global era, businesses have realized the need and importance of public relations in order to survive in this competitive world.

Therefore, only a reputed and reliable PR agency like 5WPR, can lead you towards success with their innovative concepts and result-oriented strategies formulated under best public relations campaigns and publicity processes.


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Public Relations and Social Media Today

Public relations is one of the main industries that is being affected by the massive changes of social media. One of the main reasons for this affect is social media is done by the public and is public information. The essence of public relations such as media relations, opinion leaders and crisis management has caused an exaggerated stress by social media.

Social media is a modern day communication process and it will impact a company’s reputation in a positive or negative way – crisis pr. Even though social media is not a main source of information but it makes a story more relevant through Facebook’s newsfeed and Twitter’s hashtag. Experts in the public relations sector might have to start rethinking the way they approach specific problems with social media being such a popular way to find news.

Professional communicators and PR Firm have a new task with making statements is to also understand how include sentiment in to their speech. They have to realize that they are no longer reporting to the media but also the public, the public play a huge part in reputation management. People are allowed to voice their opinion via the Internet through blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. The PR industry will have to start adapting to this new change. Workers in the PR world need to have a better understanding of community management and learning how to create a more effective workplace. They also need to know how to deal with customer service, digital advertising and learning how to respond and adapt to any kind of outcome that relates to individuals, the organization and the public. One of the important fixtures during this rise of social media is for companies to be more transparent with employees and the public.

For more information on social media in the public relations field be sure to check out pr expert Ronn Torossian’s blog.


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